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Share your memorable moments with your family, relatives, friends, and enthusiasts.

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Wedding, saree ceremony, temple event, cultural event, aranketram, funeral

Relationship Bridge

We carries the news of religious, social and cultural events and
acts as a relationship bridge for Tamils living all over the world.
Join our Live Streaming to make your events known to the world.

  • Religious Event

    Livestream your event to all your friends and family around the world, so that they can celebrate with you and your family from at home, wherever they may be.

  • Saree Ceremony

    Perhaps one of the most important day of your daughter’s life, share your event with friends and family around the world so that they may enjoy and celebrate with you and join your event live from your venue!

  • Wedding

    Perhaps your most special day, share it live with friends and family all over the world and allow them to take part in the festivities virtually. Keep everyone up-to-date with the celebration, whether they are at the venue by your side, or cheering you on from the other side of the world!

  • Music Concert

    Share your events with an international audience! Whether you’re a band looking to expand globally or a host looking to reach out to an audience outside of your venue, we can help you share your event live to a worldwide audience so they may cheer on with the crowd from home!

  • Cultural Events

    Speread you culture, tradition, life style with others who live all over the world.

  • Arangetrams

    share your talents with your relatives, friends and well wishers

  • Funeral Proceedings

    Funerals take a lot of planning; they also require a lot of decision and timekeeping to ensure that friends and family can attend to be there. Sadly however, with venue limitations and family living abroad, it may not be so simple. Give your family and friends a feed to the funeral so that they may take part in the service from the comfort of their own home.

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We are Analai Express Media Inc, support to share your events with your Family members, Friends, Well wishers & Others